Sydney George

-Therapy Services-


Associates Degree

Johnson County Community College; 2008

Bachelor of Science Social Psychology with emphasis on Human Development

Park University; 2010 

Master's of Social Work 

University of Kansas; 2013 

Field experience: 5 years 

Years of experience since Licensure(LMSW): 4 years 

Licensure's: LSCSW LMAC

:       My  passions beyond my job are: motorcycle riding, volunteering, hanging out with my dogs, visiting New Orleans and the beautiful culture, building Koi ponds, and of course spending time with my mother;  the women who told me never to stop achieving my dreams! I believe that anyone is capable of doing what they love  and accomplishing whatever they want in this life. Never sell yourself short. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Keep your focus on your dreams and do not sell yourself short. 

     About My practice 

          I believe that each individual person is unique. The whole "One-size-fits-all" mentality will never help you reach your full potential in therapy. Over the course of time in this field it has become very apparent that our mind and body are very much connected, they work as a system; when one "fails" the other either fails with it or it over compensates. This brings us to a imbalance between our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Therefore in therapy we must cater to solutions that align those parts of you. Your system must be up and working together in order to maintain a healthy balance. I provide an individualized treatment that is focused less on the diagnosis and more on your concerns and how you feel at this moment in time. It is very important that we feel good inside first so that we become healthy on the outside. By taking this approach I believe that we will uncover the helpful solutions you seek, which are sensitive to your culture, your past and that will help you to develop a "backpack" of skills to make a brighter future. If you put forth the effort I  guarantee you will like the positive changes you see. 


        I offer a range of behavioral health and substance abuse services, all tailored to help you reach your fullest potential. Whether you're looking for short term therapy to a more intensive program I have the knowledge and skills to help you through your journey. My services are posted up front so that you can get precisely what you need and want from  therapy. I always practice with high ethical standards. Your needs are priority .